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Prayer Week

Last week was a week of prayer at our church.  For us this means that several stations are set up for participation in prayer of various forms.  Sometimes I feel as if this is designed especially for me.  It isn’t of course but it is a week that I appreciate very much.  


On Sunday morning I shared some of my experience with prayer during this week.  Randall did give us fair warning that he would ask for such stories.  


Lately, my grandson, Zakariya, has been very miserable with a cold – fever, stuffy nose, cough.  Grace, who still lives at home with him, had to work.  Because they live with us we interact with him everyday.  Sometimes we provide more care during his waking hours than she does.  He knows us and receives care from us as readily as he does from his mother.   When he is miserable he leans his head on my shoulder and lets me comfort him just as readily as if I were his mother.  All this because we are with him regularly.


The week of prayer gives me time like that with God my Father.   It gives me time to just rest in silence with him, to sit in his presence listening to him.  I begin to know him a bit better and when I have time to listen in silence, my heart can hear his whisper.  Over the past few years as I have learned to be with God in prayer, to lean on him as I would lean on a mother’s shoulder, to sit quietly and listen, we have become closer.  I am able to trust him more because I know that his love is this incredible solid thing.  I have experienced being in his presence and have felt his love hold me. 


I guess what I always hope is that setting up the stations for the week of prayer will provide opportunities for other members of our community to experience God in ways similar to mine; that in seeking God they will find a life changing relationship with him.

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