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Contacts from website

I have been plagued with spam lately.  It comes in as contacts from this page.  I have been unable to rid myself of this problem so far.  Every time that I check my e-mail I have to delete a bunch of useless and very undesirable stuff.  The danger is that I inadvertently delete a real message – a contact from a real live human  out there that I would like to talk to. 

Tonight I almost hit delete but caught myself just in time to pick up this very interesting message:

SUBJECT: Ugly Brown Cookbook
COMMENTS: I have been search for a copy/s of “The Canadian Cookbook” published by McGraw. It was a coveted cookbook in my family and has faded, lost pages and some corners have just crumbled away. When I say a reference to the old ugly brown cookbook in a clipping of a Google search I had to ask…where oh where can I find a copy or two. If you do not wish to respond that is alright, the search will go on. Thank you.

I know this book.  It was a fabulous cookbook.  It was thick and ugly and brown but I used it for years.  I too would love to have a copy of it.  Mine was left in the Congo when we left in a hurry. 

Can’t you just see what would happen – “Missionary wife loses her mind – evacuates with dirty brown cookbook.  Leaves clothes behind!”

Anyway, I can appreciate the person’s wish to get a copy of this book.  One does have to be of a certain age to recognize the book we are speaking of.  The newer versions were not half as good. 

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