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My eyes have it – Ptosis

I officially have droopy eyes. 

Yesterday I had an appointment with one of our local eye surgeons.  I like the office.  Very efficient and nicely laid out and decorated.  The assistant was also very good.  She did all the preliminary work including a test that I had never had before to check my peripheral vision – to see how much my droopy lids impede my vision.

The test was pretty cool.  Looking into this dome on a computer, concentrating on a yellow light while little white lights flickered around on the periphery.  I had to click a button every time I saw one of them.  I was surprised at how much concentration it took to keep my eye focused on the yellow light and not let my eyes wander to follow the little flickering lights. 

I guess it turns out that my left eye does have some loss of peripheral vision.  Now I can get this fixed and it can be billed to our medical coverage.  It actually is a family problem so I have been anticipating this for a few years. 

Now I wait.  In about three to six months I will get rid of these annoying droopy lids. 

I was told that I could end up fairly black and blue.  That should put the finishing touches on fear for a certain group of my patients!  I foresee needing a bit of time off.

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