Voting is going on in the Democratic Republic of the Congo today.  With the time change they are likely half done by now.

Patrick and I were discussing this last evening.  He says it is hard to choose between a liar and a thief.  So much is just about the pursuit of power rather than the best interest of the country. 

Pray for the people of that country and that God will cause something good to come of these elections.  Pray above all for peace and stability.

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  1. Tell me, Linea. What is it with some nations, that they cannot seem to ever have tolerably honest politicians in power? Some nations seem to have a pattern established that even when one starts off apparently OK, after a few years he becomes a crook and despot. Do you think it cultural or is it a legacy from those that invaded and destroyed the original form of government and structure?

  2. Linea

    I suppose it comes partly from a legacy but it is also cultural – from a culture where to be the chief means that everything under you is at your disposal rather than as chief you are there to serve the people under you for the good of all.

    That part of it is also spiritual, I guess. Perhaps when missionaries came they too appeared to be powerful and exploitative. That is not to say that servant leaders are not to be found now in the church in Africa but the idea did not automatically transfer as the people were taught Christianity. All of the western missionaries are powerful – bringing new technology, etc. along with the gospel. There is a lot of confusion between what is the good news and what is western culture.

    Maybe the church will rise to the challenge and change the culture around it and in so doing transform Africa. One can only pray!