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Learning stuff – about photography

Today was one of those days – spent in a classroom of sorts.  I guess you can call the Top of  the Inn a classroom.  We certainly had nice views but we were busy taking these kind of pictures:



We learned how to operate our cameras – changing settings to take better close ups and portraits.  And we did a bunch of those kind of shots too – just I’m not sure how happy the subjects would be to see their pictures up on the internet. So all you get is me!

I am excited about learning how to take the pictures of the x-rays.  We always have trouble losing x-rays we send away to the insurance companies so this new skill will be useful.  I learned, too, that I have a really good camera for this type of photo – the favorite of this group of experts.  They should know – the clinical photography dept of the U of Toronto. 

It really was a great course.  Now maybe we just need to get that thinning feature that rumors claim one camera claims to have.  Oh, the instructor did give us some tips for that too. 

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