I Got Flowers

These flowers came with a special message.

Roses are Red
Advice is free
Grandparents you are
Soon times three
Love ?

A riddle.  All afternoon I have been thinking that I know who the parents to be are.  I called Leo.  He got some flowers too.  Another riddle.  So he called #1 son.  Eric assured him that no they had no such expectations.  That only leaves 6 other children of childbearing age, five of whom we are pretty sure are not planning to do anything like this.  But then again, you never know.  Just unlikely that they would be sending us flowers to celebrate the fact.

So, since we pretty much had it narrowed down, I made a call as soon as I got home and yes!  Dave and Annette have another little one on the way.

Funny, good news coming on the anniversary of Logan’s birth and passing 5 years ago.  That is not meant to be morbid – just a special remembrance for us.

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0 responses to “I Got Flowers

  1. Congrats! There’s another lucky grandkid to have you and Leo in their lives.

  2. lisa

    Hey congrats!

  3. Congratulations! Pass it on when next you talk to David or Annette!

  4. Yes, congratulations. And the connection with Logan is very special.

  5. Very sorry about your loss… I am amazed that you see the coincidence as a special remembrance… but, perhaps this is one of the ways we walk through grief… choosing the side of life even when life has passed.

  6. Wow, five years already?

    that’s hard to believe.

    But very cool news!!