About Enough

I have had about enough of this drippy eye, drippy nose, headachy cold.  I wish it would go away.  I have been getting extra rest – there isn’t a whole lot that I’ve felt like doing.  I look in the mirror and see two red gooey eyes staring back at me.  At least I can still see out of them after I’ve cleaned them off.  A warm wet cloth feels so good. 

I suppose this is as good as any week to be feeling sick.  What with a possibility of contaminated water in the area of town where my office is located, we have had to cut back to about 1/4 of our usual business.  We only have one chair that uses bottled water.  Roger and I take turns using it and then try and do as much as we can that doesn’t need running water.  Hopefully we will hear soon that the advisory is lifted but we expect to operate like this through Friday. 

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  1. When Marc told me about the advisory, I wondered how your office was going to function. Hope you’re feeling better soon.