Yesterday, early, my son and his  two friends from the Congo left on a fishing trip.  They knew the window of opportunity for a nice day was pretty small.  They went anyway.  I hope they catch some fish because if they don’t I can think of no reason good enough to justify the craziness of fishing at this time of year.  Good grief – it is -2 C up at La Ronge(a bit south of the lake they were going to) and tonight it is supposed to get down to -7C. 

They, by the way, are tenting!


I guess -7 was just too cold for the campers.  They came home in the night.  Fishing was not that great I guess. 

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  1. Sometimes the fantasy is more alluring than the reality!

  2. Hey, I don’t blame them! This weather has been unbelievable. (Or maybe it was I figured we wouldn’t need mitts on our trip. At least the kids had toques!)