Happy Thanksgiving

Here I am, at the end of a very nice Thanksgiving Sunday, one turkey eaten, potatoes, stuffing, corn, salad, pie, etc.  We had 13 at our table today – only four more than usual actually.  Tomorrow we do it all again in Saskatoon with the 5 others who couldn’t be with us today.  Some of us will eat turkey twice.  Yum.

It is easy to list off the great things to be thankful for; family, plenty of food, Massa and Yaunde sitting at our table instead of waiting in Cameroon, children who are finishing up studies and beginning to make their way in life. My Aunt still with us, even if her memory and mobility are a bit impaired.  She can still get out and join us.  There are lots of strong young men around my house happy to help get her up the steps.  I love the kids.  I would hate to think of life without them even at the times when they are all in my livingroom making a mess.  I like it that they all feel free to come home unannounced and raid my fridge.  I like it that my home is their home too – well most of the time I like it.  Sometimes it gets to be too much but I don’t suppose I would trade them being in my life for anything.

And I am glad that my aunt and I could go through some pictures and sort out some to hang on her wall.  There is sometimes not much to give her but the gift of our time and that is a gift we don’t have to worry about cluttering up her small space.  So that was my gift to her today – sort of a late birthday gift too since on her birthday I had no time to work on her pictures.

Right now, I am trying to be very careful not to pass on my viral infection that is causing one eye to goop up and my sinuses to fill.  The chest part of this bug seems to be on it’s way.  Hope it is over the worst by Tuesday when I must go back to work.

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