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A reminder

This morning I ate a mandarin orange.  When I was little, these were called fondly “Japanese oranges” since they literally came from Japan.  Then we only could buy them at Christmas time.  A box of these mandarins were a special treat and were meted out one at a time by my mother.  There was always one in our Santa stocking.

Now, I begin to buy the early boxes of these mandarins from China early – as early as they begin to be sold in boxes in the stores.  But they are no longer the huge treat they once were.  One can buy them almost any time of the year – or a similar type of orange.  I still love them but I doubt they will create for my children the memories that I still associate with them.  Still, I love them.

They feel good to me as I eat them! “Christmas is coming soon,” they say to me. A good reminder of good things to come.

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