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Bugs add flavour to a ride.

This summer has been one of the nicest I can remember, as far as weather goes, for a long time.  Tonight I went out for a ride just before sundown.  The temperature was just right, the sky was a gorgeous orangy pink.  A jet stream reflected gold in the west.  And the number of gulls gathering to migrate was simply incredible.

And there were clouds of little black insects.  I wasn’t too bad off on a bike but everyone I passed was swatting wildly.  I just kept my mouth closed!

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Waiting till the last moment

So if your dental insurance is running out in less than two weeks and you haven’t been to the dentist for years while you had good dental insurance, whose fault is it when we can’t get you in so that you can get all seven fillings and two hours of cleaning and maybe a root canal and a crown or two done in those two weeks? 

People have no qualms about putting the pressure on us. 

Mostly they are fearful people but — how do we be gentle and patient under the circumstances?  Getting that much dental work done in less than two weeks is going to hurt…if we can even do it;  which I doubt.

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