Hugs and Kisses

There is really nothing sweeter than hugs and kisses from a grandson.  Zaka loves to give them out to me and of course I love to get them.  He lays his little head down on my shoulder when he gives hugs.  And he puckers up his little mouth and gives out kisses.

The only thing is that he loves to give kisses to the cat and dog even better than he loves to give them to grandma!  I think he likes the softness of their fur.  He certainly has no fear of them whatsoever.

I should be having a visit from my other grandson tomorrow.  Grandmothering is really a pleasure.

Tonight was my debut in the strings orchestra.  Am I ever a rank amateur!  I have so much practicing to do to even begin!  I know the D Major and the G scales but these people actually played music rapidly with those notes and changed keys and …  well I was fairly lost.  But the other two women playing bass assured me that it was fine, that I should keep on coming out and trying and that it would get better.  I am sure it will get better.  I can’t get much worse!  I have absolutely nothing to lose so I will keep on.  As long as they let me stay.

And when I got home, I think I realized where I know one of the other woman from.  I will see when I go for coffee at the Bison next.  If she is who I think she is, I will see her there someday.

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  1. Ahhh, I think I know of whom you speak, and I think you may be correct! Sounds like a huge amount of fun. I don’t suppose a flute would count as a “string” instrument… maybe you need a piano player? Pianos have strings!

  2. Linea

    It does make me think that we should do this sort of thing as adults on a regular basis just for fun – all sorts of instruments. I guess that is why I like worship practice so much.

  3. I’m so jealous you get to see your grandchildren. I can hardly wait to see our first this January. Just wanted you to know that the picture you took of Jerry and Becky with his little neice Jenna at their wedding reception is one of my favorite photos. It was kind of fuzzy and in sepia….makes me think that’s what my future grandchild might look like. Just wanted to thank you and let you know you were thought of today and prayed for. Becky’s Mom