It seems that the last month has been one of the busiest that I can remember.  Work keeps me busy from 7:30 till 5 or so and then I get home to start my evening job.  Supper is usually ready by 6(or later) then clean up which I sometimes stick around for and sometimes have evening commitments that require me to be out of the house by 6:30 or 7.  My house is full of people.  All the beds are full and sometimes the couch and someone is on the floor.  I love having all my kids around but I am sorely missing some peace and quiet and space. 

This morning I came down to my favorite quiet spot.  No one was sleeping on the couch so that was good.  Things looked promising for spending some quality time with God.  I had my usual devotional readings and stuff but I am finding it very difficult to quiet my mind and “be” with God. 

I am hungry for some time alone with him not worrying about when everyone else will start moving around, when I need to grab my few minutes in the shower, just thinking about the inevitable needs of the day, making lists of the things I need to do today. 

This weekend will see the rest of my kids around my house.  I want them to come but I have homework for my course to do and need some alone time too.  Last week I didn’t even get my Saturday grocery shopping done so that will need a couple hours of my time this weekend too.

As a result I haven’t been blogging much.  What I have had to say has not been very profound for sure.  I will survive but I would rather live than just survive!

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  1. Linea – I really appreciate the time you made for us in the summer. I know you and Leo are busy people, but it was good of you to give up some of that precious time.

    Thank you.

  2. Linea

    Toni – that wasn’t giving up time, that was enjoying time. I think that is how time is meant to be spent. It is the pure busyness – shopping, cooking meals, cleaning repetetive time consumers that really get me down. So much time spent just taking care of our basic needs. It has to be done but sometimes it leaves no room for enjoyment.