Another day ended

I’m thinking I need to be adding a few more hours to my day.  Then I could become truly exhausted.  Which is probably all that more hours would add – unless of course they were sleeping hours.

Today it was hard to get up knowing that most of my day would be spent doing this garage sale we have been gearing up for around here.  This morning by 8:30 I was about ready to quit this mothering job(which includes telling your fundraising children that you will “help” them with a garage sale) and call in a large dump truck to haul all the stuff away.  By 9 when the sale was to start we were finally ready and the people started to come.

It wasn’t a huge success as far as making scads of cash off the stuff but we got rid of a lot of my aunt’s items – hankies and doilies, towels and trinkets.  I think it was enough work with a small enough return that I won’t be talked into doing one again.  The memory of all the time and work expended will fade slowly.  I hope.

The rest of the day – more flat tires – this time Grace’s car in our driveway.  Leo got the assignment of looking after that job and of picking up my repaired tire from yesterday.  Only problem was that the tire place I took my tire in to was closed.  Good thing the Hondas have a full sized spare. 

Then the best part of the day.  We spent time with a friend at her home at the lake for a barbecue.  Good food, lots of laughs.  A long day ended well. 

Well it hasn’t quite ended yet, I guess.  But my chicken curry for the church potluck is in the slow cooker and I am off to bed. 


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