At last!

At last!  Kamu (aka Yaunde) has just walked through my door.  First order of business – he is taking a shower.  The trip is long.  He left Cameroon on Monday evening and has been travelling since, except for last night somewhere in Toronto.  And his bag was left in Paris – didn’t make the plane for some reason.  It will come but he is tall – 36 inch leg and no one in our house has legs that long for sure.  So we’ll do some laundry and he’ll be set till we make a Value Village run and see what we can pick up.

It is so good to see him.  So good that the long wait is done.

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  1. Hooray! Give him a hearty Welcome! from Dixie and I.

  2. SharonK

    And give a big WELCOME from our house too. I’m sure it was a great reunion for all of you.