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Wandering Around Saskatchewan

I returned from my vacation in Alberta and this morning I drove Leo down to Saskatoon to catch a flight to Toronto.  We did not actually get tired of each other but that is just how our life goes – lots of travel for Leo.  This time he is off to a conference on AIDS.  It fits in with a couple of his jobs – his MHO job and his seat on the Sask Advisory Committee on AIDS.  He says he will follow the epidemiology stream mostly.  He also said that he could be at the conference from about 7am till 9pm but that he thought he might make his days a tad shorter. 

Second week he goes to stay with some old friends – Muslims and very devout so I know for a fact that he will not be boozing it up.  He will be playing lots of golf.  the second week is vacation for him and our friends have been asking him to come and do this for so long.  Finally he gets a chance to visit.

Yesterday was a long day of driving.  I left my sister’s at about 9:30am and went to Pidgeon Lake to pick Sara up.  She was ready to go by about 2pm and we headed home via Wainright.  The roads were good so it only took us about 7 hours of driving – got home a bit after 9pm.  We drove through some heavy rain.  It cleaned the bugs right off the window. 

 And just about Blaine Lake there was a glorious rainbow that filled the sky.  It was a bit too dark to get good pictures – all that I took were a bit blurry and didn’t come close to doing the actual rainbow justice.

Today I decided to wander around the countryside on my way home from Saskatoon. 

I took the ferry across the South Saskatchewan at Hague and drove the back roads.  There were thousands of little white butterflies everywhere, including all over the grill and front window.  They are probably pests of some kind but they were pretty as they rose in clouds from the sides of the roads.

One of my stops along the way was to check out some old buildings.  Two little birds were perched on the windowsill.  They did not mind me taking their pictures.  They looked as if they may be very young and maybe sitting was still the safest thing for them to do!

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This isn't so much about books…

as it is about my weakness for collecting and reading them. 

Today I was determined to find a Canadian Tire store to make a necessary outdoors type purchase.  I found the store but goodness, you would think that we were already waiting for out first snowfall by the stuff they are putting on the shelves!  Where is the stuff for canoeing???  What is left of summer stuff is on the clearance racks.  I still have a week of summer vacation to go.  Something is very wrong here!

I failed to find what I needed but I found a good bookstore.

I am now a few books richer and several dollars poorer. 

I love browsing through a bookstore.  If I could only limit myself to browsing it would be cheaper. 

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Vacationing Along

This is wonderful.  It is 1 pm and I am sitting here after a leisurely morning.  Quiet time with God happens early for me but that doesn’t mean I have to get out of bed!  Not while I am on holidays and a guest in my sister’s home.  After all, I wouldn’t want to wake everyone else up early.  So after some reading and reflecting, I tucked myself back under the covers for a bit more sleep. 

Finally got up around 9.  Made some instant coffee – pretty bad substitute for a coffee addict but what can one do in an emergency situation in a house of mostly non-coffee addicts?  I needed my fix by that time of the morning and it did quite well.  Toasted a bagel around 10:30 and spent most of the morning chatting with my niece. She is fun to talk to. 

Chantelle has a tiny little dog – Ginger.  Ginger has been getting into all sorts of trouble lately so may actually be ill.  He goes to the vet this afternoon.  I hope he is not seriously ill since I think Chantelle would be heartbroken.  She actually bought this little zebra striped sweater for him.  I am not really into putting sweaters on dogs but this one is sort of cute and since I really like Chantelle – what else can I say?  A sweater on my dog, Maisy, would likely be chewed to shreds in about 2 minutes.  I had to buy a chain link type collar for Maisy.  She does not like wearing accessories!

Now it is almost lunch time.  I guess I will eat and then decide what strenuous activity I will do for the afternoon.  A bike ride would probably be a good idea.  I may just decide to sit and read.  I could also see myself finding a good bookstore to browse in, or maybe a store with some good sale going on.  This is my favorite kind of vacation.

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Visiting Red Deer

I am visiting Red Deer for the first time.  I may have travelled through here or by here but have never spent any time that I remember her.  It is quite a beautiful city.  Karyn and I have taken good long walks each evening on the many paths that follow the river.

It has been a while since I have entered anything here so I will fill you in a bit with notes I made as the days went by.

Friday night I arrived at my campsite.  On the road, I was rather unsure that I would be camping.  We drove through heavy rain most of the way from Lloydminster but as we approached Edmonton, it cleared a bit and the forecast said only a few more millimetres of rain were expected overnight.  I decided to chance it and so we went in to Elk Island National Park and selected one of the two remaining campsites and set up the tent before I went down to Devon to drop Sara off at her friend’s home. 


I am glad I decided to camp.  I find it very relaxing being out in nature.  There is a liquor ban for the weekend but that didn’t stop one group down the road from me from making a lot of noise last night.  Finally they quieted down or else my cold medication knocked me out and I slept till the sun woke me this morning.  There was no rain at all here during the night. 


Saturday morning I was reading in Phyllis Tickle’s book of prayers for summertime.  The call to prayer was from Psalm 66

Be joyful in God, all you lands;

Sing the glory of his name;

Sing the glory of his praise.

Say to God, “How awesome are your deeds!

All the earth bows down before you,

Sings to you, sings out your Name.”


As I read, I listened to the leaves in the trees around my campsite sing.  My campfire crackled.  A squirrel began to chatter.  A bit farther away the birds were waking for the day with song.  And I began my day thanking him for his goodness to me – for rest, for this place where the trees surround me and that it did not rain in the night. 


That would have been my blog entry if I had been anywhere that I could connect to the internet on Saturday.  But I was far from anyplace like that.


Sunday afternoon I arrived at a friend’s house in Red Deer.  They graciously are letting me hook up to the internet and so I have no real excuse for not making an entry yesterday, except that I had a long nap in the morning – from about 9 till 11 and then was busy doing other things – like visiting.


Now today, I will move on to visit my sisters in Calgary and area.  My cold is causing me less trouble as the days pass.  My poor nose is pretty red but I can breathe through it again. 


I did bring my camera with me on this trip.  While in the park up at Elk Island, the buffalo were roaming the park near the road.  I got some amazing pictures up close – from inside my car for sure but they were close.  At one point a big bull bison was making some fairly threatening noises as he shuffled closer.  I decided to move the car out of his way.  I don’t think a vehicle would fare very well in an encounter.  These pictures will have to wait till I get home but I will post a set on Flickr.

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Taking Stock

As I sit here letting my frozen lip recover from the copious amounts of local anaesthetic generously administered by my partner, Roger, I am realizing that this is another one of my precious vacation days used up for getting things done rather than for rest and fun.  This morning at 8 am, there I was getting a crown prep done.  My lip is still droopy – really gives me a crooked smile – so I am not going out in public just yet.  Part of another of my vacation days will be spent getting the crown cemented on. 

Tomorrow I drive out to Alberta with Sara so that she can be a counsellor at camp.  Then I will take a week to visit friends and family and rest before driving back so that Sara can make it to work on Sunday night. 

I had fully intended to take some time and do some scenic drives around this province, take lots of photos and just do what I wanted to do.  It looks like my time is going way too fast and there will hardly be any time for that. 

Since this is a day of playing catch-up with appointments, I made arrangements for my aunt to get some things done too.  I want to take her out for lunch as well.  We have done some visiting over the past few months but mostly I drop in to see her quickly, bringing her some necessary items and then I rush away to take care of some other stuff.  Today, I want to sit with her awhile, visit over lunch and not be in so much of a hurry.

As I realize the need to slow this day down a bit, taking time for my aunt, the list of things I need to do this afternoon is already starting to grow.  !:30 – go house viewing again; sometime this afternoon, pay a Sask Tel bill, pack for the trip, gather up all the weeds I pulled from the garden.  It doesn’t’t look good for trying to slip a bit of quiet and rest into the schedule!

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Time passing too quickly

It seems as if the days of vacation are disappearing – just disappearing without a trace.  I have very little to show for the two days I have spent here.  The house is no cleaner.  No storeroom organizing has been done.  The garage sale I need to have is no where near to happening.  On Friday I leave again with Sara to Alberta so chances of much getting done around here are fairly slim.  Oh well, it will wait.

Today I did have fun.  I went house hunting with Michelle.  We saw a lot of houses in pretty poor condition but one or two old homes that were very nice.  The nicest one was a bit high in price but so nice – completely upgraded with a basement that still needs finishing. 

We will see what happens. 

And Christian has a job that starts tomorrow at some rock testing laboratory in Saskatoon.  One more kid off my couch. 

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