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Everything that I need?

Psalm 23:1

The Lord is my shepherd;

I have everything that I need.


We meditated on this Psalm at the beginning of our meeting tonight – a few people, the church council with work to be done.  


By halfway through the meeting, I think I had forgotten already.  The problem of getting volunteers – not just warm bodies but people with a vision for the tasks to be done – is daunting for me.  We need adults who will look after the real little kids.  We need adults who will teach and care about the little bit older kids.  All we need are a few each week –  its not like they have to commit themselves to help every Sunday – maybe once every couple of months.  


But here I am again, focusing on the problem.  


The only way we are going to resolve this issue is if the adults in question hear God calling them to do this sort of thing.  And since Jesus said to ask for anything – well I am asking.  Maybe this is not the way he wants to get this job done; so I’ll be listening for that kind of message too.  Maybe it requires a major shift in my thinking.  Or maybe I am just tired of trying to accomplish too big a job mostly in my own strength.  


So I think I will try to listen more.  We have simplified our children’s Sunday class time down almost as much as we can.  Maybe we need to just incorporate teaching for children into our main worship time.  Maybe our small group needs to be so child friendly that the kids are as much at home in the sanctuary as in a “class”. Pews don’t contribute much to a child friendly atmosphere though. 


Whatever.  Jesus certainly cared about the kids that hang out around him.  I wonder what he would do, or wants to do with our kids?  He has everything that we need.  The psalmist goes on to describe God’s bountiful provisions even through the roughest of places.  For me this is a rough place.  Provide, please God.

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