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The end of a busy day

Tonight I rode home from work.  The 5 minute bike ride is hardly a big physical effort but it is better than nothing.  I like the ride, especially the part on the river bank.  The geese, ducks and gulls are gathering.  a sure sign that the seasons are changing.  leaves are also starting to fall and today with a strong wind there were almost as many branches as leaves on the path. 

I had a roast in the oven cause I had no idea if I would be having 7, 8 or 10 for supper.  I had green beans that I picked up at the farmers market on Saturday and I wanted to cook them as well as some more of the corn on the cob.  We ended up having a pretty substantial meal.  The last of the stragglers came home and ate around 9. 

Massa wrote his drivers test today for the second time but was again unsuccessful.  I know he knows the signs well.  I suspect it is the way questions are asked that is hardest for him.  I guess we will have to work harder with him on this.  I imagine he is more disappointed than he lets on.

I had time to run up to the church to help set things in order for the funeral tomorrow.  Then back home to clean up from supper. 

And then Sara needed to discuss the assignment she has – to write down her philosophy of life. 

Right now my philosophy is to get off my aching foot and into bed.  Tomorrow will be another day. 

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