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I did it!

I have been toying with starting a new adventure.  In the Spring I attended a music event, actually a dance performance by a local group.  As part of the evening they also featured several musicians, obviously not higly experienced, but pretty good.  One of the musicians is a patient of mine so I commented on the performance the next time she was in to see me.  To my surprise, I found out that she had only begun to play the cello recently and was part of a group that got together to play strings for fun and to learn.  I was intriqued.  I love the low tones in music best and have sort of wanted to try something new so I asked about joining the group.  I am going to try learning the double bass.  Yeah.  Those great big things. 


On Tuesday I got in contact with the leader of the strings orchestra and rented a half size double bass.  I have been plucking away at it since then.  It will be a challenge but fun.  I think there will be two adults in the beginner group – but I really don’t care.  I just want to learn how to play this beautiful instrument. And as the saleswoman stated when I told her I really was a rank beginner, “One really nice thing about the double bass is that it does not screach when you play it.”

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