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Wandering Around Saskatchewan

I returned from my vacation in Alberta and this morning I drove Leo down to Saskatoon to catch a flight to Toronto.  We did not actually get tired of each other but that is just how our life goes – lots of travel for Leo.  This time he is off to a conference on AIDS.  It fits in with a couple of his jobs – his MHO job and his seat on the Sask Advisory Committee on AIDS.  He says he will follow the epidemiology stream mostly.  He also said that he could be at the conference from about 7am till 9pm but that he thought he might make his days a tad shorter. 

Second week he goes to stay with some old friends – Muslims and very devout so I know for a fact that he will not be boozing it up.  He will be playing lots of golf.  the second week is vacation for him and our friends have been asking him to come and do this for so long.  Finally he gets a chance to visit.

Yesterday was a long day of driving.  I left my sister’s at about 9:30am and went to Pidgeon Lake to pick Sara up.  She was ready to go by about 2pm and we headed home via Wainright.  The roads were good so it only took us about 7 hours of driving – got home a bit after 9pm.  We drove through some heavy rain.  It cleaned the bugs right off the window. 

 And just about Blaine Lake there was a glorious rainbow that filled the sky.  It was a bit too dark to get good pictures – all that I took were a bit blurry and didn’t come close to doing the actual rainbow justice.

Today I decided to wander around the countryside on my way home from Saskatoon. 

I took the ferry across the South Saskatchewan at Hague and drove the back roads.  There were thousands of little white butterflies everywhere, including all over the grill and front window.  They are probably pests of some kind but they were pretty as they rose in clouds from the sides of the roads.

One of my stops along the way was to check out some old buildings.  Two little birds were perched on the windowsill.  They did not mind me taking their pictures.  They looked as if they may be very young and maybe sitting was still the safest thing for them to do!

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