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Vacationing Along

This is wonderful.  It is 1 pm and I am sitting here after a leisurely morning.  Quiet time with God happens early for me but that doesn’t mean I have to get out of bed!  Not while I am on holidays and a guest in my sister’s home.  After all, I wouldn’t want to wake everyone else up early.  So after some reading and reflecting, I tucked myself back under the covers for a bit more sleep. 

Finally got up around 9.  Made some instant coffee – pretty bad substitute for a coffee addict but what can one do in an emergency situation in a house of mostly non-coffee addicts?  I needed my fix by that time of the morning and it did quite well.  Toasted a bagel around 10:30 and spent most of the morning chatting with my niece. She is fun to talk to. 

Chantelle has a tiny little dog – Ginger.  Ginger has been getting into all sorts of trouble lately so may actually be ill.  He goes to the vet this afternoon.  I hope he is not seriously ill since I think Chantelle would be heartbroken.  She actually bought this little zebra striped sweater for him.  I am not really into putting sweaters on dogs but this one is sort of cute and since I really like Chantelle – what else can I say?  A sweater on my dog, Maisy, would likely be chewed to shreds in about 2 minutes.  I had to buy a chain link type collar for Maisy.  She does not like wearing accessories!

Now it is almost lunch time.  I guess I will eat and then decide what strenuous activity I will do for the afternoon.  A bike ride would probably be a good idea.  I may just decide to sit and read.  I could also see myself finding a good bookstore to browse in, or maybe a store with some good sale going on.  This is my favorite kind of vacation.

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