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Taking Stock

As I sit here letting my frozen lip recover from the copious amounts of local anaesthetic generously administered by my partner, Roger, I am realizing that this is another one of my precious vacation days used up for getting things done rather than for rest and fun.  This morning at 8 am, there I was getting a crown prep done.  My lip is still droopy – really gives me a crooked smile – so I am not going out in public just yet.  Part of another of my vacation days will be spent getting the crown cemented on. 

Tomorrow I drive out to Alberta with Sara so that she can be a counsellor at camp.  Then I will take a week to visit friends and family and rest before driving back so that Sara can make it to work on Sunday night. 

I had fully intended to take some time and do some scenic drives around this province, take lots of photos and just do what I wanted to do.  It looks like my time is going way too fast and there will hardly be any time for that. 

Since this is a day of playing catch-up with appointments, I made arrangements for my aunt to get some things done too.  I want to take her out for lunch as well.  We have done some visiting over the past few months but mostly I drop in to see her quickly, bringing her some necessary items and then I rush away to take care of some other stuff.  Today, I want to sit with her awhile, visit over lunch and not be in so much of a hurry.

As I realize the need to slow this day down a bit, taking time for my aunt, the list of things I need to do this afternoon is already starting to grow.  !:30 – go house viewing again; sometime this afternoon, pay a Sask Tel bill, pack for the trip, gather up all the weeds I pulled from the garden.  It doesn’t’t look good for trying to slip a bit of quiet and rest into the schedule!

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