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Time passing too quickly

It seems as if the days of vacation are disappearing – just disappearing without a trace.  I have very little to show for the two days I have spent here.  The house is no cleaner.  No storeroom organizing has been done.  The garage sale I need to have is no where near to happening.  On Friday I leave again with Sara to Alberta so chances of much getting done around here are fairly slim.  Oh well, it will wait.

Today I did have fun.  I went house hunting with Michelle.  We saw a lot of houses in pretty poor condition but one or two old homes that were very nice.  The nicest one was a bit high in price but so nice – completely upgraded with a basement that still needs finishing. 

We will see what happens. 

And Christian has a job that starts tomorrow at some rock testing laboratory in Saskatoon.  One more kid off my couch. 

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