And so it ends

It is hard to wrap up after a course like this one.  There has been so much that I have learned – about myself, about my ways of listening to God, about what I will do with all this. 

I came with a lot of fear.  I found that I have found a place that feels a lot like home.  I think it is a place where I can come to terms with those fears.  Part of that is just knowing that fear is sort of built in to who I am.  Part of that comes from also knowing that God wants to take me past my fears to a place where I can find my being in him.  That doesn’t mean just ignoring the fears and doing stuff anyway.  It is more of a way of acknowledging God’s accompaniment on the path through it to where he can grow my relationship with him.

So here we go together.  This whole journey into this course and into a life of listening to God and others, becoming more available to people so that they can also discover ways that God is talking to them is going to be good.

Now, we have dispersed.  Some are already on their way home or catching planes this afternoon.  Tomorrow early, very early, we head home, barring a malfunction in the alarm clock.

This afternoon I head out into the hot – 33 degrees now – afternoon.  I’m heading downtown to do some shopping.  Treats for the kids.

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