Viewing Chicago – without a lens

Yesterday, I really regretted not bringing my camera along to Chicago.  Randall and I took of for the heart of the city for our free time from the course.  We visited Millennium Park after wandering around a bit in the downtown and sort of getting lost finding our way under the road to the side where the park is located. 

While we were wondering I decided that I had better try and get myself a new pair of sandals.  Half way between Thorpe’s, where we are staying, and the El station, my sandal began to come apart.  I could still walk in them but I knew the situation was deteriorating.  So, I made my first visit to Marshal Fields.  I don’t think the women in Chicago who walk seriously buy their sandals there.  I did however, find one pair fit for walking in.  My size.  On sale! 

So, armed (or shoed) for walking, we went forth.

Millennium park was wonderful.  They have this highly polished stainless steel? bean – called the Sky Cloud.  It does wonderful things visually as you walk around and under it.  I am so curious about how it was made.  They also have the most wonderful water park – huge glass block towers with water coming down .  One has a picture of a child’s face.  First thing I noticed was that the child has a crossbite.  Then the kid’s lips pursed and out spit this huge stream of water.  The kids playing there were having such a wonderful time.  I wished I was a kid again – or that one of my grandchildren were with me and I would have a good excuse to get thoroughly soaked under the fountain too. 

In the evening we walked over to the north side, across the bridges to a small restaurant – Sandy’s Jazz Cafe.  The food was great and so were the tow acts.  The second of the two was so good.  A big band kind of sound – trumpet, sax, trombone, bass, grand piano, and drums.  We couldn’t stay forever but what we got was good enough that I would sure want to go back.

I did stop in the park and pick up a disposable camera.  I was missing my close up lens though.  I guess I should pick up a small digital that will fit in a purse.  I think I have enough reward points to do that.

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  1. Toni

    Sounds like a good time walking. If you get a chance, have a look in the Indian culture Museum. Much interesting stuff there, including what I’m sure is a ‘devil’ made by a non-western influenced people that looks like the western version.

  2. SharonK

    Whaaaaaaaaaat???? You didn’t take your camera?????? Well a little purse job will do, as you say. Now get thee hence and go forth and snap….please.

  3. Geoffrey

    Lana and I were thrilled by the Sky Cloud and the video/face/fountain when we were there earlier this summer. Glad you enjoyed the public art! 🙂

    Good to see you at work today as well. I’m glad things went so well for you on your trip, and that you found the course so spiritually rewarding.