It is very hot in our house!  I refused to cook tonight.  We have enough leftovers to microwave for a day or so anyway and no one in our house in starving.  I decided to sit outside to eat and to read.  There are hardly any mosquitos till it begins to get dark around 9:30.

Looking up into the evening sky, there were swarms of dragonflies.  They eat mosquitos.  I like dragonflies!

Oh, yeah, I also had a chat with a son about what Leo and I had in common.  That was after he asked to borrow my vehicle to drive to S’toon for a date Saturday night.  My answer was that we had some core values in common, a love of helping others, a love of medical things and that for the most part we were different except for these. 

But being different is not a bad thing in a marriage, I don’t think.  We have helped each other round out the jagged and pointy edges of our personalities.  We have taught each other a lot in areas where we needed some teaching.  We have provided checks and balances for each other.  And we have seen each other’s strengths and encouraged each other where by ourselves we would have been self criticizing.

And soon we are coming up to 36 years of marriage and as has happened so often – we will be apart again this year.  Maybe we will celebrate it early.  Leo’s ideas of how to celebrate a wedding anniversary – that would be too much information I think!

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  1. Toni

    Complementarity in a marriage is good – if you’re too similar you’ll get in each others way, have similar weaknesses and not be able to lift the other so effectively. The key is to work together appreciating the strengths rather than berating the weaknesses – but after 36 years you know this anyway.

    Congrats to you both.

    And too much information was already too much information ;¬)