Happy Birthday Kieran!

  Today Kieran is three years old.  Showing how old you are with fingers is the hardest at three.  He hasn’t quite got the dexterity to do that yet.  But he can drive!

Yesterday I decided to make a quick trip to Saskatoon to take him(and his mom) out for supper and take him a few presents.  I must be running low on hugs from little guys cause I really wanted to see him.  I have missed him the last couple of times when they came by to our house going to and from the lake. 

So yesterday we went out to Jerry’s in Saskatoon.  He mostly had fries and ketchup. 

And about 10 cents worth of ice cream.  Mostly he played with the legos – till some nice little girls came over and wanted to play too.  He hasn’t quite got the idea that other kids should be played with, that toys can be shared.  He burst into tears.  The mother of the girls thought maybe they had been mean to him.  Nope.  They were just in his space.

I suggested maybe he needs a little brother or sister. 


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