Visiting Batoche

Today I went with Marc and Dixie, Toni and Chris to Bellevue and Batoche.  Showing off our historical sites and giving them a taste of our local culinary delights – tourtiere, poutine and pea soup. 


You can really see the smokey haze that hung over everything.  But the day was beautiful and the trip was fun. 

Batoche holds an interesting bit of our local history.  A dispute that cost lives.  It probably could have been averted if both sides had talked.  Instead a bad mix of arrogance and misunderstanding resulted in a battle.

To finish the trip we took the St. Laurent Ferry across the South Saskatchewan and the #11 highway back to Prince Albert. 



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0 responses to “Visiting Batoche

  1. Chris

    I really enjoyed the day. Thanks Linea, for your part in it!

  2. Toni

    Absolutely – me too.

    Thank you.