Till Some Time Suspended

There are times when my poetic mind

Is flat broke for inspiration.

Life presses in too tightly

And there is hardly room to think,

Let alone create with rhyme and rhythm.


The guys come home hungry from work

How can their mother refuse to cook them food?

They look right fagged out from

Building small bits of paradise. 

In someone else’s yard.


And the girls need things from the store

Mostly they need my money

I think.  Or my car to get there.

Girl stuff.  They don’t want to be seen

By the boy – a classmate at the counter.


And I let them use me, knowing that

Too soon they will be gone.  My house

Will echo with empty walls

I will prepare food for a full table

And no one will come to eat the leftovers.


So for now, I will rest my mind.

I will gather memories,

Set them in store rooms till some time,

Winter descended, time suspended,

I will work on them;

Knit them to a cozy blanket

To cover myself in the wonder my life has been.

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  1. I like that. A lot.

    Granted, my “quilt” would be made of poopy diapers right now, but it sure makes me want to appreciate all the goods of this time of life — in spite of all of the stresses and frustrations.

  2. SharonK

    Thanks Linea. You, once again, soothed my soul with your poetry.