Today is going to be a big day – grad and all that entails; ceremonies, special meals, friends, gowns, pictures, and parties. 

Friends – they can last for a lifetime, those friends formed during the growing up years.  I think I envy my children their enduring friendships – something I was not good at establishing in those growing up years.  I protected myself too often from relationships I knew would be broken by moving away, from the inevitable changes of life.  It took me a long time to realize how I had guarded myself by holding huge parts of me back from my friends.  I am glad I finally learned to trust some of the people around me so that now I can say I have good friends, friends I can lean on in tough times.

Yesterday, Eric got news that the second of the guys our church is sponsoring as refugees will be on his way soon.  Yaunde will arrive Sept 5 or 6.  He, Massa and Yaunde(sp?) were the best of friends and that friendship has endured the test of separation and the waiting through the whole refugee process.  Now they will be reunited.  Hope come to fruition.  Eric is pretty elated.

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