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Last day at school

Today will be the last day I spend at the school dental clinics.  Just the morning too.  There are things to finish up, a root canal for a kid who has no insurance or means to go anywhere else, won’t be many new cases to examine since there is only one week left. 

This afternoon I will take care of as much business stuff as I can – checking on my auntie’s phone to see if I can tell if it is broken or if the ringer just got turned way down. 

And this evening I head a bit north of here to the Franciscan Forest Sanctuary for an overnight retreat.  It will be short but quiet.  I have to be back Saturday evening again.  Sunday I take the long road to Regina and back for Sara’s soccer game.  Eight hours on the road for two hours of soccer.  Crazy!  Parents are pretty crazy sometimes, but she really wanted me to go with her this time and it has been a long time since I did that for her.

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