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Its Got To Be Bad

To miss a day of work, I have to be really sick.  I don’t suppose there is any great merit in that except that if I don’t work then a couple other people are left jobless and incomeless for the day.  Being the boss means not that I can do whatever I want as my kids would sometimes like to believe but rather that I have to take all the people who work for me into consideration.  The business has to keep going and I am an essential cog in the wheel.

Today, however, I did something I have never ever done before.  I had to quit before my last patient was done.  I was in the middle of the procedure, the filling preparations were done, liners in place, matrix bands on.  At that point I said to my assistant, “You’ll have to excuse me for a few minutes.  Could you get this ready for the filling.”  And out I went quickly to the back door where I thought I would recover by getting a bit of fresh air.  Instead, I had to head down to our staff biffy where I sat on the floor in that state of just before puking till it did indeed pass.  Then I looked at my face in the mirror.  I was about the colour of white bread.

I made my way upstairs again planning to finish off those fillings.  My partner, Roger, took a look at me and suggested he finish them for me. 

My patient was very nervous.  I hope I didn’t freak her out by almost passing out.

I am now home in bed, feeling somewhat better but still too close to regurgitating for my liking.


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