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A Laptop for every child?

I thought this was such a great idea. Found it via Think Christian taahnks to Anotherthink. I wonder how it will take off?  My biggest concern would be that it has to distributed through large scale government initiatives so will not be for sale.  I guess my concern would be that many large scale government initiatives in Africa have fallen prey to corrupt leaders who find a way to make a profit off such technology. 

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Cooking Lessons

Here I sit in a quiet house.  Bliss.


Of course the reasons for the quiet are all good so that lends a good sort of shade to this season of quiet.  The kids are out doing their things – dance, soccer, Massa is on the bus to Saskatoon for the afternoon and Leo is out doing some golfing on this rather cold afternoon.  I am going to curl up on the couch with a good book in a few minutes.


We came home from church today to have Massa cook spinach for us, à la congolaise.   This is not your ordinary spinach with cheese sauce or whatever.  We made some special purchases in order to do it right. First of all you shred the spinach leaves into very small pieces by hand.  We used a large package of the prewashed baby spinach.  Then melt some coconut oil in a Dutch oven or other large pot.  We chose coconut oil since it was the closest we could get to unrefined palm oil.  This we bought at a specialty store in the section where you can buy corn popping oils.  The spinach was placed into the hot oil and cooked over low heat till it was cooked but not overdone.  While this was cooking, we chopped about 11/2 cups of roasted, unsalted peanuts very finely.  The peanuts were added to the spinach as well as salt.  We forgot to add some finely chopped onion when we added the spinach to the oil but I guess we could have done that.  Then all that needs to cook slowly until the peanuts are softened.  That can take a while – about 20 minutes. 


While Massa was cooking the spinach, I was getting the rest of the dinner ready.  We were in a bit of a rush since he had to catch the bus.  It struck me that this kind of food preparation should not be rushed.  I liked working alongside Massa.  It was almost as if my soul was slowing down.  I was participating in a work of creation that could not be rushed without diminishing the results.  So the peanuts in our spinach were a bit on the crunchy side even though it was very good.  Perfection in our meals is not often a requirement in our fast food society.  Nor is sitting down and eating the meal in a leisurely fashion.  We miss out on so much with our rushing about.

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