I feel a bit like I was blindsided by a ninety year old grandma.  She came in needing teeth.  Had some old, old dentures that needed replacing.  Had tried several places and each time the teeth made were a “terrible fit”.  So she came to me.  And I tried my darndest.  I really did.  I was prepared today to start over again but she had had enough.  And that is fair in a way.  Someone her age should be expected to adjust to new stuff with difficulty and I think she just has too much stuff going on in her life right now medically.


I guess I was done in by her need, her seeming feistiness and maybe by my own pride at being able to make pretty good dentures.


One refund cheque must go in the mail.


Days like this I think I should stop making dentures.  They are the only dental work for which I have ever had to issue refunds.  And I do honestly try my very best to satisfy the needs of the patient so it is a real let down to have a patient give up on me, refusing to let me rectify the problem.  Makes for a crappy day.

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