A doggy morning

I am reminded from time to time that I need to make time for solitude in my busy days.  Yet some days, circumstances just seem to work against finding this time. 


This morning, I was heading out to Gatecrashers – our 6:30 am prayer time at church.  I was even running on time.  Then I did something stupid.  I decided to let the dog out for a few minutes so she could do her business outside rather than in her kennel.  I had not forgotten that yesterday our fence was taken down so it could be rebuilt but I thought that a few minutes would be enough and then I would call her and she would come.  I am sure she was out only 5 minutes.  I called her but she did not come.  I went to the front door and called there, but no dog.  Then I hopped in the car and began to drive around the neighbourhood.  Driving around calling for a runaway dog is not conducive to either talking to God or listening to him.  Finally, I decided that I might as well go home and give up on both the dog and on making it to Gatecrashers.  I drove up the driveway and there she was – safely in the back yard as if she had never left. 


I did make it to the church.  God was present in our midst in spite of my crazy morning. 

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