The little things

This is cool. 

Massa wants to learn how to do all the little things that he will need to know, like washing dishes and other stuff that people learn and don’t think about teaching a new immigrant. 

Today he had a lesson in barbecuing.  We did buffalo steaks for dinner and he had to do some well done and some medium rare.  They were good!

Now since my dishwasher is broken, he is having a lesson in how to wash dishes.  The lesson will be given by my daughter-in-law so I do not even have to get my hands wet.  I showed him how we put away leftovers – in plastic containers with lids so the food doesn’t dry out. 

It is a bit like having an extra son in the house but this one wants to learn all these things that most parents have to fight with their kids to do.

This is really cool.

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