A Busy Week

In this very busy week hope has changed to actuality for all of us.  Masa has arrived from Africa; from the Congo via Cameroon where he and his friend have been waiting as refugees for 7 ½ years.  Hope is hard to maintain when nothing seems to be moving towards the hoped for goal.  Then bang, boom, things moved and he was here within months.  Strange timeframes as we look at things.  God works in ways and on a schedule we seem to have no clue about.  But his ways and his timing is always good – as we are bound to see somewhere down the road. 


And his friend, Yaounde, still waits in Yaoundé.


So this week has been full of preparations.  Emptying out a room packed full of craft supplies and stuff (I won’t call my own strange collection of stuff junk).  Preparing to paint the room (thanks to Eric And Michelle), painting (thanks to Tom and Mary Jane), carpet cleaning (Oh my back hurts).


At the same time as all these preparations are going on, Grace had two major projects due at school.  I was needed to help with Zakariya; a job I like but have to admit is non-stop while he is awake.  He is a pretty good baby and of course I love him.  Now Grace is off to dance in Calgary again this weekend so I will be looking after him again.  As well as being on call.  DO NOT BREAK A TOOTH THIS WEEKEND, PLEASE!


In spite of all the cleaning we have done in the past week, the house seems as messy as ever.  The dishwasher is still broken down.  There are baby toys everywhere.  Masa moves in tonight, so supper may be a large group – who knows – I’ll just cook lots and see who shows up.


Tomorrow we have many people over for a get-to-know Masa evening.  Burgers and smokies on the barbeque.  It is supposed to be a nice day.  We will have the firepit going too for the ones who get chilly and maybe for the kids who want to roast hot dogs. 


Next week will be quieter??

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