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Last year I travelled out to Strathmore AB for a weekend retreat – Centerpoint.  This is sponsored by Covenant Bible College once a year.  It is a well kept secret although it is not intended to be a secret.  Here is what they say about it:
       “Covenant Bible College invites you to come away for a while, for the sole purpose of having an opportunity to hear from and speak to God.  Centerpoint is a retreat concentrating on spiritual disciplines and practices.  This gathering will focus on silence, solitude, contemplative prayer, and the labyrinth.”

It is happening from May 30 to June 3, 2006 and is a come and go event – stay a day or for all five.

Cost is $35 per day.  On campus housing is available at $25 for the first day, $20 for each additional day or you can stay in a local hotel. 

Registrations need to go in ASAP.  Call Hedy or Kathy at 403-934-6200  or e-mail Kathy at kathyb AT covenant biblecollege.ab.ca 

I am planning to go and will have a couple places in my vehicle from Saskatoon, there and back leaving Friday and returning Sunday afternoon.  E-mail me if you are interested.  They need to know soon – like very soon. 

Last year I went and found my experience there like a cup of cold water in the desert.  I would highly recommend it if you would like to experience God more deeply in this kind of a setting as well as learning more about the spiritual disciplines.  It is a very relaxing and quiet time.


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