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Got myself a bike

I just got home from Saskatoon.  The day started really early, the sun rising as we got to Saskatoon.  I dropped Grace at the airport, watched her pass through security, and then went over to Dave and Annette’s so I could sleep on their sofa till Kieran woke up to play with his Grandma.  Went out for a late breakfast at Jerry’s Food Emporium – I’d never been there before.  They have a good play area.  Kieran ate a bit and played a lot.  Then we took in some garage sales.  Kieran knows what that is all about.  We found some good stuff for him and managed to get away without buying all the toys. 

Then over to a great little bike shop – City Park Cycle where Eric met me.  He knows the guys who  run the shop.  I came away with a beautiful new bike – a Jamis Commuter.  I am not about to risk my life and limbs mountain biking for real.  This will do me just fine.  A nice cushy bigger seat for the sensitive areas and more upright handle bars.  Had fenders and a kickstand put on.  Picked up a helmet to protect these amazing brains of mine.  Now I will try to ride to work daily to get in a bit better shape.

While waiting for the bike to get the finishing touches, I went to Eric’s and spent most of the afternoon sitting in his back yard trying to read.  But honestly, he talks way too much for that, so we actually visited and talked and I relaxed.

Picked up my bike then went to visit Rachelle.  She was enjoying her backyard too after working all day while her boyfriend, Asen, made supper. 

It was a fun day.  It has been long but good.  A breather in the midst of my busyness.  I thought it would just be a tiring day but it turned out to be soooo good.

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