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Time seems to have ways of speeding up in little bursts – like anticipating a speed bump but instead of slowing down to make things smooth, taking off at wilder and wilder speeds till at full speed I go flying.  I think I’ve been hitting one lately.  It is partly just the kids coming home, encroaching on my private space.  I love them coming but my routines change and I get thrown off.   There is something in me that needs solitude and time to reflect.  Quiet times feed my spirit. 

Anyway, tomorrow won’t bring a lot of rest.  I will be leaving here about 4 am to get to the airport in time for Grace to catch a flight at 6 something.  Hopefully, I will catch a few winks of sleep before visiting with my grandson and doing some bike shopping.  Then back home to finish up all the million jobs a mother has waiting.  Yeah, I guess I will never finish them up – they reoccur without failure – laundry, shopping, housecleaning.

One of these days I will find some quiet and put my head back together.

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