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Moving – Day 7

It all started a while back when things began to get packed up in my Aunt’s suite.  Then it moved into a higher gear last Saturday when several of us got together to pack up and move Auntie’s stuff out of the suite.  Who would have known that one room and a small storage area could contain so  much stuff!  I think we had one semi load of doilies.  I think the count in the room was 42. and we kept adding to the count as we packed.  These were just the ones that were in actual use – under some little nick knack to either set it off or protect the surface under it.  There were more in drawers not being used.  And there were cards – from long ago.  Some read, some still unopened. 

Too much stuff.  She’s a pack rat!

But you know – every little thing was at one time very special to my aunt.  She loved cute little things; still does.  She doesn’t remember who they are all from now but each one represented someone who loved her.  I wonder if for her, throwing things away was too hard because it all meant something – it represented a relationship.  Now we sort these things out, trying to judge on some arbitrary merit system, which pieces are important or suitable to take along for her room at the care home.  We see these things without the attachment to friends and dispose easily of what has to go. 

Today my aunt left the hospital.  We took her to her new place, she met some of the other women who live there too.  She knows many of them already.  That is a good thing.  I think she will be OK.  And she looks out the window and recognizes the area.  She will be living in the building that once was the women’s dorm at Covenant Bible College, where she spent most of her working years.  She looks out the window and some memories come flooding back

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