Good Friday

I walked over with Leo to St George’s for this morning’s service.  Leo got called out almost immediately to deal with the news of an evacuation order for one of the First Nations reserves north east of here – flooding.  I was able to stay and was blessed by several things about the service. 


I appreciate how liturgy seems to ground me in the solidity of the Christian faith.  It brings me a deep sense of comfort, these words that have been spoken in similar forms down though the ages, at least in the English speaking world.


The words spoken in the sermon also caused me to reflect on what Christ did for me by dieing for me – and for us all.  He spoke of how Christ loved us, knew the wrongs we would commit but loved us so much in spite of that.  Like parents that love their children who may continue to do wrong, love them while holding them to a standard they may not agree with at all, God loves us.  He keeps seeking us to bring us back to his ways, his sacrifice always available to us. 


I know what it is like.  I know the hurt of being a parent and watching my children make mistakes.  I love them and it hurts to watch helpless.  So is that how I make God feel?  He cried over the city of Jerusalem.  How many times has he watched me mess up, hurting for me till I listen to him again?


I guess what I heard spoke to a place in me that was ready to hear.  It was a good to be reminded this morning of the sacrifice that Jesus made and of how much it cost him.

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  1. Sharon

    Ya, well, even though we didn’t serve one another (there)…… we still serve one another and I’m glad.