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The next couple of weeks are going to be so busy.  I have found that over the last week I have had little time or inspiration for blogging or even for reading some of my favorite blogs. 

Just too much going on.

My Auntie to move and things to do for her.  Children needing my timeand a place to hang out.  Grandchildren needing babysitting.  Committees needing work. 

Sometimes it gets to be almost too much.

Thanks friends who take the time to pray with me and for me.  As witness to the power that God has in providing strength for the day – I am still in one piece.  I still make it to work in the morning and through the day.  I am still sane – I think. 

But I may lay off this blogging for a bit – a week or two.  We will see I guess.  Sometimes this place acts as my stress reliever too.

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