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The Women's Retreat

I’m back!!  Well, maybe you didn’t know I was away.  last week was so crazy busy that I hardly had time to catch up to myself before heading out to the lake on Friday for our annual women’s retreat.  Fortunately my Friday was fairly light so that I had time to go by the church and pick up some stuff from the prayer room for our prayer room at the camp lodge and I had time to run quickly to the big box W store and grab a cheap pair of ski pants.

Both of these errands were important to do as it turned out.

The prayer room is an important part of our retreat.  We have set up a prayer space every year for the past three years.  Each year I think a few more people use it.  This year I brought along The Divine Hours for Springtime by Phyllis Tickle and left it in the room for others to use.  And I invited anyone who wanted to to join me for Compline.  So we had a good time together in that space.

The ski pants were also important to have along.  Saturday during our free time in the afternoon, Dixie took some of us on a “short” walk down the trail by the beaver pond.  I think the walk is shorter in the summer.  Walking about 5 K’s in the snow is real exercise.  It was fun though and the day was beautiful.  My legs are still tired but I loved the walk.

This women’s retreat is always a significant spiritual event for me.  In fact I always have such high expectations for what I will get out of it that I tend to get frustrated with myself.  I guess even the recognition of that unrealistic expectation on my part is some progress.  And God was very gracious to me today.

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