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Nothing major

So, here I am complaining about the blah, blah – the little petty unimportant routines that make up my life. 

And then I see God.  Not so much that anything major happened to open my eyes.  It was just little things that added up.

Today talking after church – It seems that I am not alone in feeling like this.  And we begin talking and in the act of talking something clicks.  This is just life.  God wants me to be faithful to him in all that I do.  In fact that is much more difficult than in performing some heroic act from time to time. 

So help me to do that with joy, for you God.

Dinner is being cooked and my call phone rings.  I am needed by a woman who broke off a new crown on her front tooth.  So I set up a time to see her.  2:30 this afternoon.  I just returned so it was a bit more than a quick fix.  The tooth had been treated with a root canal in the past.  Now it had broken off.  Fixing it meant a post and fitting the crown to a post as best I could and giving her advice about what her options were. 

While we were waiting for the cement to harden, my patient began to talk.  Life has been tough for her over the past few months.  She too has recently lost her father.  She has had unusual workplace stress that has thrown her life into chaos.  And now her teeth falling apart.  Most of my time with her was spent listening. 

This patient was a reminder to me that God has blessed me with things to do for him.  Well, maybe more than a subtle reminder. 

God, you are so gentle. 
When I doubt and complain 
You hear me.
You understand me,
You know my need to feel needed,
To be worthwhile,
To be significant.
Maybe someday I will be strong
But I did need that gentle reminder today
That I am your much loved child,
That you have work for me to do.
Thank you, My Beloved Father.

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