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Change of Scene

There is something special about getting away for a weekend.  


Visiting one of my sisters makes it doubly good. 


It only took us about 4 hours to get down to Moose Jaw and we decided to take the longer way through Saskatoon just in case the roads were bad, since the highway is divided from Saskatoon on.  And since the road was good, I had Sara drive down as far as Chamberlain, where we left the #2 for the rest of the trip to Moose Jaw.  I read a bit but mostly slept. 


In Chamberlain we stopped to pick up a sub.  The poor guy running the sub shop was all alone but, boy, did he do a good and efficient job.  It was worth a tip which he didn’t quite know what to do with till he realized that I said to keep the change, it would be a tip.  Saskatchewan people can be a bit stingy on tipping.  It is not expected at fast food places.  No one working there would dare to ask – not like in Quebec as we rudely found out a few years ago on a visit there.


So tomorrow – in to Regina to my continuing ed course.  I should meet up with a friend who used to live in PA and was one of my assistants.  I am almost certain she will be at the course. 


And then I will return to Moose jaw and dine in some pleasant place with my good friend, Lauralea.  She is here really relaxing at the Spa, one of the local attractions.


So I guess visiting with my sister and her family and spending time with a few friends make this weekend more than doubly good.

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