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Stuffy nose, sneezing, etc.

I seem to have got a “code in my node”.  All day today my nose was sneezing and  dripping.  There is nothing like wearing a mask when one has a cold.  It does catch the drips, I guess. 

I am thankful to the good people who invented concoctions of ibuprofen and pseudofed.  Saves the day.  Today the medications just about kept up with the cold – but not quite.  I get a fairly good buzz from the pseudofed.  In fact it makes my heart do funny flip floppy stuff.  So I was counting the hours since the last dose to make sure I didn’t overdo it.  I guess it would look bad to have your dentist keel over while working!

So now for my night-time dose of Neocitran.  Oh that lovely antihistamine induced sleep.  The thing I hate most is a nose so stuffed that I am forced to breathe through my mouth.  I’m really hoping today was the worst of this present illness. 

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