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My Fallen Auntie

Yesterday morning, just after I got right into the part of a filling where your pretty much have to keep on going till it is finished, I got two phone calls right in a row.  Would I please take a call from Carolyn.  Then a few minutes later, would I take a call from Abbeyfield, the house where my auntie lives.  I knew something important was happening.  It was very frustrating to not be able to take the calls right at that moment!

My auntie had fallen and was in quite a bit of pain.  They wanted the go ahead from me to call the ambulance.  You see, ambulance services are not a covered service under our provincial health care and they were not sure about the cost and all.  Well, there wasn’t much choice really.  You can’t just pack someone up when they are in pain from a likely fracture and have them sit in the seat of a car.  And it did turn out that she had a fractured hip. 

One of my auntie’s good friends from church, Carolyn, was there and rode with her to the hospital in the ambulance and Sharon and I joined her there as soon as we could.

Today the hip was repaired – pinned I believe.  Tonight I went up to see her a little while after she got back up to her hospital room.  She looks surprisingly good for what she has just been through for a person of her age – which I will not tell you because she might be sensitive about that sort of information.  She may be a little confused but she still possesses a lot of spunk.  This is the aunt that was always my heroine when I was little.  She is totally full of love, has always cared so much for others, is sometimes taken advantage of but keeps on loving others anyway. 

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