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Raising some funds

This weekend I spent some time talking with two of my sons – Patrick and Christian.  Christian came home to help a couple of his PA friends to celebrate their birthdays.  Patrick, I went to see while I was in Saskatoon.

While Patrick was back in the Congo visiting his family, he was introduced to a project by the mother of one of his childhood friends – a friend so close that he lives with the family and is partly supported by Patrick’s father.  This friend, Steve, has a mother who is attempting to improve the lives of women and children left deprived of support due to the deaths of family from AIDS, the recent civil wars, etc.  The organization she has established is the Association for the Social and Humanitarian Assistance of Orphans and Widows(A.S.H.A)  in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

This Thursday, Patrick, along with the International Studies Students Association, has organized a Cabaret to be held at Lydia’s in Saskatoon.

January 26th
$5 cover charge at the door

Oral Fuentes
Jill Zmud
Hip’s Whisker
and special guest Patrick Kongawi


So if you are looking for a good cause to support and like listening to some good music show up at Lydia’s

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