Parlez-vous francais?

The course I went down to Saskatoon for today was one of the best I’ve done in a  long time – Using French in Medical Practice.  The day went considerably faster than the usual draggy lecture.  We reviewed the terms for the major systems and then had fun.  There were three actors who were our patients for the day.  What a job they did!  The guy who played the 82 year old Mme LaFleur beginning to become forgetful was simply hilarious! 

And my French is not half bad.  In fact on of the young Francophone physicians told me it was very good.  So that made me feel good.  I usually feel fairly self conscious speaking it to a real Francophone.  I know my verbs rarely agree and I am TU/toi ing rather than using the more formal vous when I should, etc, etc.

Visited the kids too and had a quick supper with Rachelle too.

And the drive – I find it goes fast if I take a good chuck of the time to talk to God about stuff.  And I can listen to whatever music I like on the way. 

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